What sort of things do/can I do?


I will perform sleight-of-hand magic for you using items such as playing cards, coins, mobile phones, shoes and even with objects borrowed from your guests. The items will vanish and reappear in astonishing ways even though your eyes are almost burning a hole in my hand! I also perform, as you may be aware, acts of mind reading and psychological feats which leave you with no doubt that I should immediately be burnt at the stake!


What can I do for you/What's included in the price?


Above all I will keep you and your guests entertained. This can be especially important and useful in order to break the ice at parties, to get people talking and to entertain them at their table.

Most of all I provide you and your guests with an unusual and unforgettable experience which convinces your guests that you have thoughtfully catered for their needs by providing such a professional and well-rounded event. I mean who ever said ''Wow remember that DJ they had at Keith's Wedding/Party/event' he totally blew my mind!!!.''  ......Yep....no one!


Do I perform Children’s magic


Not specifically, I only really perform magic for grown-ups. It can be nigh on impossible to read a child's mind or get them to remember something specific! And as much as you many want me to hypnotise them into eating their greens, I don't perform miracles! I will however happily entertain anyone of any age who happens to be at the event and even have a special trick or two up my sleeve for the children!

If you are looking for someone to entertain children then I will be happy to give you the details of someone who will be able to cater for youngsters in your area. 



Can I make someone disappear?


No sadly not but I do know a guy in Kent that will break someone's legs for a tenner.....


How can we tell if the act is going to be any good


You can't! But take my word for it....Take a good look through the web site and you will see many photographs and some videos of me performing live. They capture the delight, amazement and enjoyment of the spectators and satisfied clients.

While there are also references and testimonials the only real way to know is to see me perform and I and many others can assure you that you are getting incredible value for money.


Can we meet you before deciding to book your services?


Provided there is free food....! And if it is feasible, while I am happy to complete a several hundred mile round-trip to perform at your event, it is not really feasible to do so for a quick conversation when most, if not all, points can be handled by telephone. Please give me a call or drop me an email with any questions you might have.


Is our venue too far away?


I am happy to travel to your location, wherever it may be – nationally or internationally. I want to share my magic and make your event distinctive – distance is no object for me.


How much does it cost to hire you?


No two events are the same. Rather than quoting vague prices here I would prefer that you get in touch with the details of your event. I can then recommend one or two options that will work best for you and then be able to quote you an exact fee. And the fee will be exact – no VAT, no hidden extras, no hidden clauses. The fee I quote you will be the fee I charge.


Do I need to pay a deposit?


No, Unless it is very busy period off the year, including Christmas, New years, Halloween or my birthday! But I will let you know. A non-refundable (Unless there is a reason I have to cancel - which has NEVER happened I might add!) deposit of £75 should be returned with the agreement.


What do I need to do next?  


Send me an email or phone and discuss your specific requirements with me. If I am not immediately available I will contact you as soon as possible after I get back from melting someone's mind.



Got any more questions? - Feel free to contact me